Customer Support Work

I can’t share all of the updates I’ve sent to customers, though there are plenty of cases where I’ve worked with customers via a public forum that I can share. Below are some of those interactions.

I currently work at Linode as a Customer Support Specialist. At Linode, Support Specialists can hold expert roles. These are somewhat like subject matter experts, trained in a way to help customers in a more specific way. One of my expert roles is being a Community Expert. It means I am expected to interact with customers and prospective customers in public forums outside of our proprietary ticketing system. The platforms that are included are our social media accounts, blog comments, Community Questions site and our IRC channel. Below are some of the posts that I’m most proud of from our Community Questions site. You can see all of my posts by viewing the user profile.

Posts that I crafted in response to repeated situations where I saw an opportunity to provide a public post customers could find for common requests through tickets:

Below are additional posts where I’m proud of the interaction. The reason for being proud vary. It could be the research I put into it, the creative approach to finding the solution, or the tone I used in handling the situation.