Aside from the support specific content I’ve published, I have written content for other reasons.

Below are posts from my time as the Communications Lead for Code for Philly

As part of my work with Code for Philly, here’s a guest post on Technical.ly, the Philadelphia based tech industry blog:

A blog I recently started is Giving Flowers. The intention with this blog is to express appreciation towards people who are currently around to hear those words of gratitude. Highlights from this blog so far include:

During the early part of my career transition, I documented my progress of self-directed learning and experiences though a blog. These experiences include reflections on early lessons about coding and describing some of my first experiences with attending Meetups and organizing my first hackathon.


The first time I attempted to blog in any way was by posting about my personal artwork while I was still an art teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. Initially, each post was meant as a way to feature the images, though I slowly explored writing in a longer form.